Sarra, Yellow Veil

© Bettiena Drukker. From the series Sarra, Yellow Veil

We are very happy to host the first ever exhibition of Bettiena’s project Sarra, Yellow Veil, about poetess Sarra Coppia Sulam, who lived in the Ghetto of Venice during the first half of the 17th century – The Girl With The Yellow Veil.


Tweede Laurierdwarsstraat 53, 1016 RA Amsterdam

June 19th – August 7th 2022. Open Saturdays and Sundays 1 – 5 PM

and by appointment:

The Amsterdam Picture Room presents:

Photography Fun Facts

In a series of online get-togethers, one hour each, Bettiena talks about selected subjects related to photography in some shape or form.

         These are the subjects:

April  18th. The first photographs – the inventors, the pioneers, the spectators.

Who invented photography? A sickly, bored little French boy? An English squire? A theater designer with a nose for business? Or a biblical snail?

May 2nd: Cross fertilization – paintings and photos of the late nineteenth century.

If it weren’t for photography, we would never have had abstract art. Now there’s a statement . . . but is it true?

May 16th: Photographs to heal the world.

The soldier in the Spanish war. The Vietnamese girl. Shopping bags in Tiananmen Square. All  engraved in our souls.

May 30th: What on earth am I looking at?

What is the connection between a little boy with a toy weapon and a naked girl in the midday sun? The camera doesn’t lie, right?  Then, who does?

The talks will be held in English – via Zoom – on Sunday afternoon at 5pm Standard European Time. So that is 4pm GMT and 11am EST. Ah, yes, and 8am PST . . . but you could watch in bed, with a cup of coffee maybe? In any case, afterwards we will send you a link and a password to the recordings of the talks, provided you’ve signed up, of course.  (And should you want to brush up your Dutch, join our 11am local time session – in het Nederlands dus.)

After receiving your payment the login details will be sent to you. Each talk will set you back €6 – the first one will be just one euro, introductory price.

Click here to book. You will find a separate button for each talk. Please don’t be put off by two different languages – pick whichever suits you best. The talks in English are in the lefthand column, talks in Dutch on the right.

You will receive an email with the Zoom link ahead of the talk.