TAPIR. The Amsterdam Picture Room.


TAPIR, The Amsterdam Picture Room. 

Een plek voor fotografen, voor lezingen, exposities, workshops, kleine bijeenkomsten, voor alles wat met fotografie te maken heeft. Het is klein, knus, en laagdrempelig.

A place for photographers, for lectures, exhibits, workshops, small get-togethers, for everything photography related. It is small, cosy and accessible.

Print Sale!

Op 2 en 3 juni, van 12 – 18 uur, organiseert TPR voor het eerst een print sale, met werk van Anna Witkowska, Inta Nahapetjan en Bettiena Drukker.

Kom op je gemak grasduinen in de kribbes – er zijn klaar-om-in-te-lijsten prints, unicaten, laatste exemplaren, proefdrukken . . . wie weet wat je vindt. Als je je keuze gemaakt hebt, betaal je en neem je het zó onder je arm mee. Maar je kan natuurlijk ook prints bestellen.

Je bent van harte welkom!




On June 2nd and 3rd, from 12 – 6 PM, TPR will organize it’s first ever print sale, with work by Anna Witkowska, Inta Nahapetjan and Bettiena Drukker.

Take your time looking through the print racks – there are ready-to-frame prints, some single pieces, artist’s proofs . . . who knows what you’ll find. Once you’ve made your choice you pay and shlep. But of course you can also order prints.

You are more than welcome!


The Picture Room proudly presents:



 From March 10th 2018 – April 2nd 2018 The Amsterdam Picture Room shows work by Inta Nahapetjan. She will exhibit photographs she took recently of, as she calls it, her Muses: dancers of, among others, the Dutch National Ballet and Les Ballets de Monte Carlo. This is what she says about her pictures:

“To me, the ballet world and its high culture is one of the most enchanting and beautiful faces of our human civilization. I have observed many international dancers in their magical transformation while dancing. I follow my muses for an extended period of time, capturing their extraordinary art either spontaneously or in carefully staged settings. This way the model and my vision become one in a new story.”

Open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 1 – 6 PM, or by appointment (+31 613098451)

Tweede Laurierdwarsstraat 53 1016 RA Amsterdam

for more info call   +31 613098451 or  +31 629010129



What? No Email?

Just as we’re getting ourselves together, our email has given up the ghost! So if you want to get in touch, please for the moment email us at:




And while we have your attention – the first TPR Print Sale will be held next month, on nov. 24th and 25th. More details to follow!


New Plans

New season, new plans! 

In november or early december TPR will organise its first print sale weekend. Pick up a bargain –  choose from works by Barbara Michelle Edelman, Inta Nahapetjan, Arjan Post and Bettiena Drukker.

In the spring, Inta Nahapetjan will show her Ballet Photos. How fitting in the studio of a former dancer.

We have more plans, pop-up shows, exhibits in the pipeline. So watch this space, follow us, like us on Facebook and we will let you know the dates real soon!



Tijdens het weekeinde van 24 en 25 juni exposeert Arjan Post in The Picture Room.

During the weekend of June 24th and 25th, Arjan Post will show at The Picture Room.

Arjan is in 2016 Cum Laude afgestudeerd aan de Fotoacademie. Hij maakt onnavolgbare montages waarin hij tijd, en vooral ruimte, op zijn eigen exacte manier probeert vast te leggen.

“Mensen gaan in het dagelijks leven uit van een absolute ruimtelijke werkelijkheid. Maar zo eenvoudig is het niet. Onze hersenen moeten binnenkomende informatie continu verwerken en corrigeren om de omgeving goed weer te geven. Hoe werkt dat? Het antwoord op die vraag zoek ik in een praktische vertaling van de beschrijvende meetkunde. Het feit dat het fysiek onmogelijk is om een ruimte ‘onverwerkt’ waar te nemen, is wat me drijft om mijn werk te maken.”

Arjan graduated with honours at the Amsterdam Fotoacademie. He creates incomparable montages in which he tries to capture time, and above all space, in his own mathematical way.

“In daily life, people consider the reality of the space around them as absolute. But it isn’t as simple as all that. Our brain needs to continuously process the information it receives, adapting it in order to get a proper sense of the surroundings. How does that work? I am looking for the answer to that question in descriptive geometry. The fact that it is fysically impossible to perceive a space without ‘processing’ it, is the motivation for my work.”

Zaterdag 24 en zondag 25 juni 2017, 12 – 18 uur.

Saturday June 24th, Sunday June 25th 2017, noon – 6 PM.

Tweede Laurierdwarsstraat 53, 1016 RA Amsterdam.